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Who We Are
Welcome to Adiam N.V.

Adiam N.V. is over a 30 year old well-reputed diamond company that lies in the heart of Antwerp. With offices all around the world, including India, Belgium, South Africa and Dubai, our office in Mumbai has just passed the 50-year benchmark. It has always been a family-run business, with exactly 3 generations of people currently in office today. Over the years, we have achieved success, respect, and excellence in the diamond industry, and we have the local expertise to reach you and meet all your demands.

It is a company that prides themselves in their high moral ethics and their dedication towards customers and the industry itself, with also being a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. We currently are and always will be your diamond utopia.

Business Practices

Adiam believes in the buying and trading of diamonds from known origins, which are part of the Kimberly Process only. The company avoids buying and trading of diamonds in and from areas where knowledge of actual conflict and human suffering occurs. The provision of proper working conditions (including health, safety, and well-being of workers) and adhering to international fair practices and regulatory frameworks relating to use of labor and employees in the workplace is a must.


Adiam believes in working with utmost integrity, which helps them generate consumer confidence of the highest order. As one of the world’s largest diamantaires, we are one of the few that will be consistent, precise and accurate in the work we do. We guarantee you only the best; this is proved by our 100% GIA, HRD, and IGI certified goods only, and our strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. From manufacturing, to trading in rough diamonds and polished diamonds, and from specializing in round brilliant small to large sizes in rough and polish diamonds, and fancy shaped diamonds, we do it all. Our ultimate mission has always been to ensure that confidence in our products and services remains at the highest level. It enables smooth business operations, and ultimately defines the type of clients who work with us. Adiam NV is committed to abiding to these principles.
We are committed to running our businesses in a manner that we will have a positive impact on the societies with which we engage directly and indirectly, and the environment, through responsible business practices.

Confidence & Trust

The company has taken action to address concerns of the use of synthetic (lab created) diamonds and treated diamonds with the use of discussion and safeguards for consumer confidence.
Adiam is educating its customers in detection methods and safeguards used. In additional to technical skills, the highest professional and ethical standards will be required to ensure that consumer trust in diamonds is maintained. Full disclosure and assurance of natural diamonds is used at each stage and at the jewelry level to maintain consumer confidence. The segregation of natural and non-natural diamonds and gemstones at the retail level is highly important to consumer confidence towards their image of diamonds. For further information on how to align your business with Adiam NV Responsible Practices Programme, please write to [email protected]